Midsomer Murders Season 19 (2017)

Abandoned by the army, who took it over in World War Two the village of Little Auburn is to be reoccupied, with three groups of people submitting ideas for its resurrection. When Finn Thornbury, who, with girlfriend Corinna Craven, had opted for an eco- friendly village, is killed Barnaby and new sergeant Winter discover he had a secret wife nobody knew about. Of the rival bidders elderly Sylvia Lennard, seeking to restore the village to former glories, hated the deceased but property developers Blake and Lucy Keswick claim to have had no argument with him. Corinna's father Roderick, who was to judge the worth of each party, is the next victim, Finn's mother Andrea oddly being his main beneficiary. With the discovery of an illegal snake farm and more secrets unfolding Barnaby must decide whether greed or passion accounted for the murders in the village that rose from the dead.