Our Girl Season 1 (2016)

Molly is now in a platoon on a six month tour of Afghanistan, led by the young but seasoned Captain James with sarcastic Corporal Kinders. She is one of only two women and the company medic, which is awkward, given her aversion to the sight of blood. She is cheered to meet Smurf, a boy with whom she had a one-night stand back home but perturbed that he seems to have joined up purely to avenge his brother, killed by the Taliban. On an outing to meet a local regiment the group comes under fire. A petrified Molly is saved by Smurf but both she and James sense that his desire for revenge makes him reckless and, after Molly has told James about the brother, Smurf counters by painting Molly as loose, following their night of sex. When the group is again fired upon it is Molly who proves heroic by saving Smurf. He is grateful but tells her that he believes a little girl Bashira, whom Molly, befriended, is a Taliban spy who gave the unit's position away.