Stan Lee's Lucky Man Season 1 (2016)

London detective Harry Clayton is a luckless gambler, whose habit has caused his barrister wife Anna to leave him, with their young daughter Daisy. Harry owes huge sums to casino owner Freddie Lau but, after a one-night stand with the mysterious Eve, who leaves him with a bangle he cannot remove, his fortunes change for the better. However Freddie is murdered, along with stripper Kayleigh Fenchurch and Harry discovers that Freddie stole Kayleigh from sacked croupier Kevin Grey, who now works for Freddie's daughter Lily-Anne. After joining Anna at the hospital when Daisy has an accident Harry again meets Eve, who tells him that the bangle was intended for another man but will bring him excessive luck - which he will need when, as a novice speedboat pilot, he and colleague Suri pursue Grey on the Thames.