Teen Wolf Season 3 (2013)

Isaac starts the new school term with another living nightmare, forced to trust a motorcycle female to keep him out of the clutches of a 'Simaese' werewolf comprising dashing twin brothers Ethan and Aiden, new in his and Scott's class. Finding Allison is back in school, unhoped, Scott is hopeful, even confident, this year everything will be better, easier, for him and his loved ones. Scott must save hospitalized Isaac and staff including his mother, and Derek him, from a vicious Alpha and his vixen accomplices. As a 'reward' for getting trough the gloomy lonely summer, he's determined to get a tattoo, but his healing power undoes it after all the pain, until Derek shows it stays if branded with a torch. Afterward, he stumbles upon Derek's nightmare: the ruthless pack of alpha werewolves has arrived, which even allied with Peter they may prove no match for.