The Fades Season 1 (2012)

Paul is a nervous sixth-former,receiving therapy and living with his divorced mother and selfish sister. He has scary dreams and is capable of seeing dead people. Separated from his annoying friend Mac whilst scouring a deserted shopping mall for props for Mac's movie, Paul sees a wraith-like creature attack a couple,Neil and Sarah, who flee it though Sarah is mortally wounded. Paul is not to know that she is the ex-wife of his history teacher Mark Etches and,with Neil and Helen, a priest, is involved in stopping Fades,malevolent versions of ghosts who have yet to pass over to the after-life,from causing havoc in the world. Neil seeks Paul out and takes him to a wood where benevolent Fades,including Sarah,are trying to pass over though Sarah fails to do so. Meanwhile Helen has an encounter with a very nasty creature.